The Search for the Perfect Extensions.

Quite recently I've decided that I want luscious, thick and long hair again. Since having mine chopped to just below my shoulder (due to massive breakage, lets not go there) I've been coveting beautiful long hair.

I've had a look into several different hair extension companies, but everyone I seem to come across have the same problem, the ends of the hair is straggly and thin and just basically a hot mess. Now apologies if you have hair extensions like that and you like that look, but that isn't going to work for someone with naturally really thick hair.

So the last company I looked into were a company called Cougar Beauty, I was so excited for these extensions to come. I matched myself to a colour called 'Blonde Mix' which looked exactly like my hair. The company advertises long, luscious locks with real Remy hair, what I got was far from that. First of all let me say that I purchased two sets of extensions, I know what my hair is like and I know that hair extensions can look very obvious in my hair, so I brought two packs and figured I could sew them together to give me the thickness and volume that I was dying to achieve. 

As you can see the hair looks great quality on the website, so I was eagerly anticipating my delivery. I waited approximately 6 weeks for delivery and had to contact the company several times to enquire where my product was as they had promptly taken the money out of my account but weeks later and still no hair extensions.

FINALLY they arrived, and disappointed is an understatement, the hair is lovely and soft don't get me wrong, however after unpacking the hair a fair amount of it fell out and the hair itself is really thin. The colour is completely off, looks nothing like it did on the website, so overall a very bad choice for myself. 

Above is about the length of hair I'm absolutely dying for, maybe a little shorter. My hair is this colour anyway but I can think of anything better for the summer time than lovely long hair where you can experiment with braids.

If anyone has any great hair care tips or knows of some good quality extension companies where the hair is thick top to bottom, please let me know as I'm dying to try some!

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