Random Babbling

So I just thought I'd share a few random thoughts with anyone who bothers to read my ramblings!

Having major issues with this blogging business, as my camera software still refuses to go onto my MacBook, which is a bit of a problem! If anyone is good with these types of things then let me know because I have no disc drive in which to install the software and apparently you can't get it offline which is annoying so I have had to revert back to my Dell laptop for any posts which require pictures :(

Also, is anyone any good at blogging layouts? Want a nice custom made layout, banner etc! I used to be pretty handy with them back in the good old days of MySpace but apparently I don't have Photoshop anymore (me and technology aren't exactly getting along nowadays) so if anyone would like to be lovely and kind and help me out I would be extremely grateful :D

Going out tonight with my best friend ever, who I haven't seen for years as we have gone off to different universities and such, so it's going to be so nice having a catch up :)

Anyway, I feel I have bored you lot enough now, so hope you all are having a good evening, let me know what you're up to, as it would be lovely to hear from you :)!


  1. That's rubbish about your camera software, my memory card reader stopped being recognised by my computer so now I have to just plug my camera in- maybe you can do the other way round? I just used a little usb memory card reader thing (no idea what it's called!)

    Hope you get it sorted, and have a lovely night out :) xx

    1. Tried just plugging it straight in its just being a pain as technology likes to be!
      Awh thanks beaut xx