5 Day Challenge

Five Day Challenge - Day 1

five random facts about yourself
four of your favourite songs
three of your favourite films
describe two of your favourite memories
one wish/one thing you would change about your life

1. My hair is naturally blonde even though everyone thinks I've dyed it (I haven't got the guts to dye it)

2. I absolutely LOVE owls, anything to do with them, I think they're ace!

3. I get so excited when I see my "views today" and "followers" go up on this.

4. I set my alarm everyday, even if I don't need to be up (don't know why I do this, I think i'm trying to "set my body clock")

5. I hate leaving voicemail messages, I always stumble and babble on them and I have to leave them all the time for people at work.

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