Break Fix

EWD aprox £5

Matrix repair break fix is a leave in elixir that you apply to wet or towel dried hair before your blow dry. It's a very lightweight formula and applies easily to the hair without leaving it feeling greasy, it goes on your hair smoothly and once blow dried you can't even tell that you have put anything on your hair.

You can buy this from any hairdresser that supplies Matrix products or if like me you are in the beauty industry then you can get it from your local EWD store.

This, I feel really has made a difference to my hair, before my hair would break when I brushed my hair or styled it and it would feel brittle and really drap and lifeless, but since using this elixir (along with the matching shampoo and conditioner) the difference is absolutely amazing, my hair is soft and subtle, much easier to manage and I've found that it keeps breakages to a minimum.

If you're attempting to grow you hair or you suffer with really dry brittle hair then I would suggest you buy this, even if you have to pay more to purchase it from your hairdressers I cannot stress how much it is worth the money.

Let me know if you try this or anything similar that has worked for you :)

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