Real Techniques Brushes

So these are some of the Real Techniques brushes, produced by YouTube beauty vlogger Samantha Chapman. I decided that it was high time I got myself in order and invested in some decent make up brushes, as I've always just used cheap ones because I basically didn't see them as something that I needed to invest in, so on Monday after my weekly trip to EWD I decided to pop into Boots and needless to say I went a wee bit mad. These are the three brushes that I purchased and I also got the Core Collection and the Starter Eye Set, but unfortunately they were birthday presents so the review for those won't be for a few weeks because its not my birthday yet!

Boots; £11.99

This is the first out of the three brushes that I currently use and this is the Stippling Brush. I use this to apply my liquid foundation, which is the Revlon PhotoReady Airbrush foundation. I find this brush applies it really well, as this is a medium coverage foundation but if you wanted a higher coverage you can build the product up really well with this brush. Using circular movements over the face you can achieve a really nice airbrushed and even finish, and you can blot the brush over areas that you feel you need a little extra coverage, so if you had a spot for example you would blot over it with the brush and voila, covered! Really, really loving this brush, the bristles are lovely and soft so its not harsh on your skin if your skin is a little more sensitive then you won't have a problem with this brush. It's really easy to clean as well and the bristles don't get damaged and all stay in tack, so overall really lovely brush and really really recommend this!

Boots; £12.99

This is the Real Techniques Powder Brush, and again like the stippling brush it has super super soft bristles, which make applying your face powder an absolute dream! Although if you're anything like me you will end up using more powder than you need to purely because of how soft the brush is! This powder brush allows you to achieve an all over flawless and matte finish, it glides over your skin without disturbing your foundation. Cannot recommend this brush enough, and like all of the Real Techniques brushes shown here, it has a flat bottom which means you can stand it up on your dressing table, which if you ask me is a brilliant idea.

Boots; £9.99

Finally, this is the Real Techniques Blush Brush and this again like the other two brushes, is an absolute dream to use! the bristles are so silky soft, and it works well with powder blushers and bronzers. It can be used for contouring, blusher, bronzer, highlighting and actually finding your cheek bone so you can find out exactly where to apply your blusher/bronzer. Because the brush itself is domed you can build up colour in specific areas really easily and can easily contour. This brush also stands up which helps when trying to apply all of your makeup as you can stand it in the corner and you don't have to worry about it getting messy or whatever!

All of the Real Techniques brushes are currently on buy one get the second half price at boots! Which if you ask me is an absolute bargain, and if affordability was an issue for you, well now it shouldn't be as they have majority of the brushes in stock so you can mix and match! Finally, I will be posting about the two collections that Real Techniques do but bear with me as I have to wait until my birthday to do so!

Have you tried any of the Real Techniques brushes? Would love to know what you all think of these brushes and if you've tried any others!


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  2. oh, I've just order a whole set of their brushes! can't wait to try them out! xx