a week in photos #1

 "Oh my god just seen a sex tape of you on the net", playing it old school with some Cons, Joe's car in the sentinel, I moustache you a question, game on, bubble bath with Lush bath bomb, depressing foggy morning, seaweed mask, pumpkin, Mario time and mucka.

Pretty funny week really last week! Got a text off my boyfriend claiming I was in a sex tape on the internet, he then sent me that picture which I thought was pretty funny! Been a massive uproar this week at uni as they're claiming they want us to pay for parking yet we still aren't guaranteed a space and Joe's jeep parked on the double yellows was the featured picture in the Sentinel ("those Leek'uns, Lousy bastards"). Love this phone case loads, our weekly Monday session of pool in our 3 hour free!

This bath bomb smelt amazing but it looks pretty gross in this picture! This faced me when I was driving to work on a Sunday morning, I'm sorry but how amazingly depressing is that! Sunday face mask courtesy of my boss, yes she's amazing and makes brilliant face masks! Jake's pumpkin for halloween, Mario nails and my main mucka sorting out the universities parking situation!

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