Oh hi Glossy Box!

So October Glossy Box is here and I must say, I approve! This months theme is an "at home spa experience" which I think they have done pretty well really! Also this box is to support the Breast Cancer Care charity which is good that Glossy Box has got involved with this ever so important charity.

I'm quite excited to try some of the products in this months box as I feel its a pretty good box so without further adue lets have a look at some of the products!

The first product I'd like to mention is the Yves Rocher France moisturising Cream Lipstick, I was quite excited when I saw this product in my box as I hadn't heard much about this brand before and I'm always interested in brands that are natural and these lipsticks don't use any animal ingredients which is always good, because who wants to put bits of animal on their lips, certainly not me! I don't have ANY red lipsticks as I find the colour is a bit brave for my liking but I've tried it and I do like the colour I just haven't been brave enough to wear it out yet (I know I'm a wuss) but this lipstick is a dream to wear, its so moisturising and one swipe opaque so yeah definite thumbs up for me :)

Next is the Anatomicals "don't just clean it woman, scrub it" first of all I'd like to say that I really like this brand and I have tried some of their other products including their "Snog me senseless" mints. I love the brands packaging I think its quite quirky and fun and it makes me want to buy the product! This body scrub is packed with pink grapefruit and it smells amazing also its a really really good body scrub.

The Dr.Jart+ BB Balm is next, and I must say I'm a fan, not of the high price tag but of the product in general. I love BB creams and I use one everyday so this was a nice product for me to try, I'd definitely repurchase this product if it was cheaper but it really is just way overpriced for what it is!

Olay Regenerist 3-point treatment cream was also included in this months box and honestly I'm not a fan. I'm pretty happy with my Eve Taylor moisture lotion at the minute so I've got no desire to change it and especially not for this product, I found it way too thick and creamy which may sound like a good thing but no, I felt that it just didn't sink into my skin and it left me feeling a little greasy and slick, so not a good one for me.

Finally is the Skinetica anti blemish solution, which is "a unique solution for clearing skin blemishes, showing results in 2-3 days. Kind to skin with no side effects" I must admit I haven't actually tried this yet as I'm a bit apprehensive about what I use on my skin as I used to have terrible terrible acne, and now its finally cleared up with a holistic approach (let me know if you want to hear more about this) so I'm worried about putting something on my skin in case it flares up again but I will try this product and keep you updated :)

Let me know what you thought about this months Glossy Box.

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